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Our Team Can Solve Your Mortgage Problems


Jumbo Mortgages

My staff and I help every kind of borrower in Wisconsin secure mortgages at the best rates.

We have special expertise with borrowers looking to secure jumbo mortgages, and we have access to programs that many banks simply do not offer.

For example, many lenders insist on a 20% or even 25% down payment, but we can secure loans for our jumbo mortgage clients with as little as 10% down.

Borrowers find they prefer to work with our team because we’re problem solvers. Many jumbo borrowers have a complex financial picture that requires specialized experience. We love to help borrowers who have been turned away by lenders. For example, we’ve been able to help borrowers with assets but no income gain access to an Asset Depletion Program and secure a jumbo mortgage at an extremely competitive rate.

Our team analyzes corporate returns, tax returns, and K-1 reports to find unique ways to approach lenders and secure the right loan.


Property Problem Solving

We frequently hear from clients who have a great credit profile but they can’t get financing because of the property. For example, a condo buyer with solid credit is turned down because the condo is non-warrantable. My team and I have a great track record with working with condominiums and banks to make financing possible.


Keeping Rates In Mind

Find a low rate on home loan can mean a savings of hundreds of dollars a month. My team and I will look at your financing from every angle and look for ways to secure loans with the most competitive rates available. We work with many institutions and have the ability to find programs and loans that many lending professionals are not able to access due to restrictions within their institutions. When you work with us, you get access to a wide range of home loans and financing options, as well as our in-depth expertise. Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can help you find the most competitive home loans in Wiscsonsin.

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